Thursday, March 4, 2021

127 Day Exhibition - January 27, 2021

Welcome to the 127 Day online exhibition for January 27, 2021! Despite continued unprecedented worldwide trauma, 21 intrepid souls across four continents joined together virtually on January 27, 2021, using 127-format analogue media, to make these photographs. I encourage you to page down to see the wonderful variety of individual styles, subject matter, cameras, and films.

If you photograph on film or other analogue media in 127 film format, you're invited to join us for the next 127 Day on the 12th of July, 2021.


 ©2021 Slim Blanks, untitled; Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; Automatic Rolleiflex 4x4 (Gray Baby), Kodacolor X (expired 3/57, the same year as the camera)
©2021 Terry Byrne, Rug; Princeton New Jersey, USA; Primo Jr, Agfa XPS 160

 ©2021 Bear Brown, Rainy Day; Bloomingdale, Georgia, USA; Rollei 4x4, Lomography 100
©2021 Kelvin E., My son and his grandparents; Bangkok, Thailand; Sawyer's Mark IV, Agfa Portrait XPS 160 46mm NP bulk film (expired 08/98)

©2021 Saku Tiihonen, Multiply by Shadow; Tampere, Finland; Kodak Brownie 127 (1st model), Ilford HP5+ (35mm)
©2021 Mike Hessey, Steam scene; Dudley UK; Grey Baby Rollei, Fujicolor 400H
©2021 Eric Bergstrom, Locomotive 1223; missing information; 1915 Kodak Vest Pocket Model A, Ilford FP4

©2021 Lee Mountford, Classic with a Classic; Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia; Yashica 44, Kodacolor Gold 200 (Expired 10/92)
©2021 David Long, Grocery store, on reflection...; Burton Upon Trent, England, UK; Yashica 44, Ilford HP5+
©2021 Michael C. Durling; untitled; Toano, Virginia USA; Yashica 44A, Foma 100 

©2021 Lionel Bouchpan-Lerust-JuĂ©ry, Timeless Windmill; Wassenaar, Netherlands; Yashica 44LM, Rerapan 400
©2021 B. Davey, DEAD END DRIVE AISLE; northern California, USA; Rolleiflex Grey Baby, Efke  R100 (expired 9/98)

©2021 Eben Ostby, Utilities; Rockbridge County, Virginia, USA; Whitehouse Beacon II, Kodak Portra (46mm respooled) 

©2021 S.W. Lederman, A Giant Toonie In The Boonies; Campbellford, Ontario, Canada; Baby Rolleidoscop, expired bulk 46mm Ektachrome

©2021 Dale Willetts, Who’s watching who ?; Walsall, UK; Kodak No.0 Brownie, Ilford FP4+
©2021 Jodi Benaroch, 2 Points; Atlanta, GA, USA; Kodak Brownie Starmatic, Kodak Kodacolor II (expired July 1976)
©︎2021 Yoshinobu Imaoka, Arrive without travelling!; Okayama, Japan; Bencini Comet S, Lomography Earl Grey 100

©2021 Mike Maguire, The Potomac; Maryland, USA; Detrola KW, Kodak Tri-X 400 (expired 3/77)
 ©2021 Dave Hughes, Frame Up; Markeaton Park, Derby, UK; Original Baby Rolleiflex, 35mm FP4 taped to 127 backing paper
©2021 Charles Katz, Jr., Majestic Oak; Palo Alto, CA, USA; Rolleiflex 4x4, Ilford FP4+
©2021 J. M. Golding, untitled; northern California, USA; Yashica 44A, Kodak Portra 160NC (46mm respooled)

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