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127 Day exhibition - December 7, 2022

Welcome to the 127 Day online exhibition for December 7, 2022!

Twenty-three artists in seven countries across three continents joined together virtually on December 7, 2022, using 127-format analogue media, to make these photographs, using a remarkable 16 different cameras (and that's if you count the variations of Yashica 44 as the same camera). I encourage you to page down to see the wonderful variety of individual styles, moods, subject matter, and films.

If you photograph on film or other analogue media in 127 film format, you're invited to join us for the next 127 Day, on January 27, 2023.
 ©︎2022 Yoshinobu IMAOKA, An empty glass craves to be filled.;  Okayama, Japan; Hermagis L'Hermo Pochette 3x4, Fomapan 100
 ©2022 Nicholas Middleton, Arches; London, UK; Baby Ikonta, Kodak High Resolution Aerial Duplicating Film


©2022 Ph. Ostertag, Winter Lunapark, Geneva, Switzerland; Yashica 44,
Shanghai GP3 100


©2022 Salvador Busquets, Can Feliu; Catalonia; Ernemann Ermanox with Rollex film back, Rerapan 400


©2022 J. Mach, Hayden Flour Mill; Tempe, Arizona, USA; Vest Pocket Kodak Autographic Special, ReraPan 100

© 2022 Saku Tiihonen, Manchester in Winter; Tampere, Finland; Kodak Brownie 127 (1st model), Rollei Crossbird 127  

© 2022, Lionel Bouchpan-Lerust-JuĂ©ry, "This is not a metro", Montreal, Canada; Yashica 44LM, Rollei Crossbird  100 ASA 
©2022 Steven Lederman, RIMS ON A WHIM (stereo); The Great White North, Canada; Baby Rolleidoscop, partially damaged EFKE 100 R 

©2022 Brian Bednarek, Hiding The Bodies; Cranford NJ, USA; Yashica 44, Rerapan 400


©2022, B. Davey, Your Pizza Is Done; N. California, USA; Bell & Howell Electric Eye 127, Efke 100 (expired 9/1998)
 ©2022 Kenneth Loen, untitled; Washington State, USA; Yashica 44LM, Macophot UP100+ expired 2004, M-2 flashbulb in Honeywell Tilt-A-Mite flash 
©2022 S. Blanks, untitled; Halifax, Canada; National Miniature, Rera Pan 400
© 2022 Eben Ostby, Commode; Rockbridge County, Virginia, USA; Whitehouse Beacon II with flipped lens, HP5+

© 2022 Dale Willetts, Gatehouse brush; Willenhall West midlands; Kodak Holiday flash, Foma 100
©2022 Terry Byrne, "Cafe Window"; Princeton, New Jersey, USA; Primo Jr., Portra 160 (exp. 2001)
© 2022 Jon Marmor, "What Big Wings You Have"; Seattle, Washington, USA; Kodak Baby Brownie Special, Rera Pan 400
©2022 John Alton,“Glidings of Comfort and Joy”; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Primo Jr, Rerapan 400   

©2022 Charles Katz; Ocean Beach; San Francisco, California, USA; Rolleiflex 4x4, Portra 160

©2022 N. V. Silea, Pier; Cleveland Ohio, USA; Kodak Brownie Reflex, Ilford FP4+ 125

©2022 Kawasaki Kazuyoshi, "Row of ginkgo trees”, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan; Rolleiflex 44 with red filter, Rerapan100S

©2022 Jodi Benaroch, Lumen Tree; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Kodak Brownie 127 (with flipped lens), 6-hour exposure on Kodak Panalure RC paper
© 2022 Doug Hollaway, The Battler; Hesperia, California, USA; Tower Phantom, Agfa Aviphot Pan 200 (expired 2011)

©2022 J. M. Golding, Wednesday morning, 9:46 a.m.; northern California, USA; Yashica 44A, Rerapan 400 (expired 2021)

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  1. This might be my favorite set of 127 Day photos yet! Such a wonderful array of different photo styles, and a great selection of cameras used.

    For anyone who might be interested, I created a Youtube video that details my use of the Yashica 44LM for this 127 Day submittal. You can find the video here (not a live link of course, but you should be able to select this text and right-click to get to a menu to open it):