127 Cameras

This list is a work in progress (mostly from camera-wiki.org, onetwoseven.org.uk, 127 cameras, and junkstorecameras.com) ... please let me know what should be added, and please include a descriptive link.

Ace Ajoy

Acro Rangefinder


Agfa A-8 Cadet 

Agfa Ansco Cadet A-8 Flash

Agfa Ansco Cadet A-8 Special

Agfa Ansco Vest Pocket No. 0 

Agfa Billy 0 

Agilux Agiflash  

Agilux Auto Flash Super 44

Altheimer and Baer Photo-Craft

Ansco Cadet 

Ansco Cadet Reflex

Ansco Dollar Camera

Ansco Ready Flash   

APM Vest Pocket

Argus 127 (also Ansco Cadet II, Beacon Autoflash WH-127A, LeDuc Colorflash 127)

Arnold Karma-Flex 4x4


Asahi Bussan Letix

Auto Keef

Babette(including a Bazooka bubble gum version)

Baby Clover

Baby First

Baby Germa

Baby Hawk

Baby Light

Baby Lyra Flex

Baby Sport

Balda Baldi 

Balda Rigona 

Balnet Four




Bell and Howell Electric Eye 127

Bencini Comet, Comet S, Comet 44

Bencini Cometa - thanks to Roderick Usher aka Alessandro Lisci for alerting me to the existence of this one, and for writing about it for this site!

Bilora Bella 44-1 (also Ansco Lancer), Bella 46-2, and Bella 55 (made by Bilora based on Ferrania patents - thanks to Roderick Usher aka Alessandro Lisci for this information.

Bilora Bellina 127   

Bilora Bellina Standard

Bilora Boy 

Bilora Roxa 44  

Boumsell Longchamp (also Monarch Flex-Master, Monarch Royal Reflex, and other Chicago Cluster cameras such as the Namco Multi-flex, Ultra-Vex and Waldorf Minicam - thanks to Jim M. for alerting me to the existence of these)


Camera Man President (also Champion or Clix Miniature Camera; also Drexel, Stan-Test, Lee, and General Products Co.)

Camera Man Silver King 

Certo Dolly 3x4 

Certo Dolly Vest Pocket

Churchie's Official Spy Camera - thanks to Jim Rohan for alerting me to the existence of this one. 

Cardinal Cinex (also Cardinal, Buckeye, Photo Champ, or Empire Baby) - thanks to Jim Rohan for alerting me to the existence of this one too.

Cima Luxette

Clover Baby Ref, Prince Baby Ref, Alma Baby Ref, Baby Ref, Chukon Ref, Mario Ref, Pilot Ref 3x4 and 4x4, Truth, Baby Roll Ref ("The Truth is known from a single example")

Comet 3x4

Comet S

Contessa Nettel Piccolett


Coronet 44

Coronet stereo  

Coronet Victor

Debonair (127)

Detrola B 

Detrola D 

Detrola Model E

Detrola G 

Detrola HW - thanks to Mike Maguire for alerting me to the existence of this one. And more information here.
Dufa Ama

E. Elliott Edbar VP Twin

Echt Kraft

Eho Altissa 3x4 Nr. 182

Ensign Multex II

Erka Gezi II

Falcon (Bakelite) 

Falcon (folding) 

Falcon Flex (3 x 4)and Color-flex

Falcon Junior (folding Bakelite

Falcon Miniature or Falcon Miniature Deluxe(also Carlton, Falcon Midget, Falcon Minette, Rex Miniature)

Falcon Minicam Junior 

Falcon Minicam Senior 

Falcon Model F

Falcon Model V-16 

Falcon Rocket (also Utility Carlton, Spencer Majestic)

Faultless Miniature

Federal of Brooklyn 8mm Enlarging Camera Model 8-A

Ferrania Alfa 

Ferrania EuraLux 44 
Ferrania Tanit (see also the Camerapedia entry) - thanks to Roderick Usher aka Alessandro Lisci for information about this camera.

Ferrania Ibis 34 - thanks to Roderick Usher aka Alessandro Lisci for alerting me to the existence of this one.

Ferrania Ibis 44

Ferrania Rondine

Fex/Indo Rubi-Fex Automatic

Filma box camera


Foth Derby(see also Foth Derby I)


Freeleca Magic F 

GAF Ansco 127 

GAF Vagabond

Galter Majestic 

GBZ Glas-Bijouterie Zittau - Knips Gelto

Glunz Ingo (also Rodenstock Rodinett)

Gokuku and Ricohl

Goldamner Goldix 

Golden Shield - "The Observer" Sylvania Flash Bulb Camera Kit

Great Wall Ilfoflex

Great Wall Orion

Haking Haco 44 


Hara Halma 44 (also Prinz 44, Tower 44B)

Herbert George Imperial Mark 27 - thanks to Robert Schneider for alerting me to the existence of this one.

Herbert George Imperial Satellite (also Mercury Satellite)

Hōei Anny 44

IDAM Belco


Ihagee Parvola

Ikonta baby folder

Ilford Pixie

Ilford Sporti 4

Ilford Sprite

Imperial Cubex IV(a.k.a. Herbert George Imperial Cubex IV)

Imperial Delta 

Indra Lux  - thanks to the Flickr stream of Sundromos for alerting me to the existence of this one.

Indo Impera

Indo Pari-Fex and Action Camera 127 


Kamera-und Apparatebau Wien Sport-Box

Kinka Lucky

Kochmann Korelle (3x4)

Kodak Baby Brownie and Baby Brownie Special

Kodak Baby Hawkeye

Kodak Brownie 127 (also Brownie 127, Second Model and Brownie 127, Third Model)

Kodak Brownie 44A

Kodak Brownie 44B

Kodak Brownie 127

Kodak Brownie Auto 27 (also Brownie Super 27)

Kodak Brownie Bullet II (also Brownie Starlet and Kodak Rio 400

Kodak Brownie Holiday and Brownie Holiday Flash (a.k.a. Brownie Bullet, Brownie Chiquita Camera, Camara Brownie Chiquita, Camara Brownie Chiquita Flash)

Kodak Brownie Fiesta (also Brownie Fiesta Camara, Brownie Fiesta 3 Camara, Camara Brownie Fiesta 3, Brownie Fiesta R4)

Kodak Flashfun

Kodak Brownie Reflex and Brownie Reflex Synchro Model

Kodak Brownie Starflash

Kodak Brownie Starflex

Kodak Brownie Starlet or Rio-400

Kodak Brownie Starluxe II

Kodak Brownie Starmatic and Starmatic II

Kodak Brownie Starmeter

Kodak Brownie Starmite and Starmite II

Kodak Brownie Super 27 (thanks to Karen Crouse for alerting me to the existence of this one)

Kodak Brownie Vecta

Kodak No. 0 Brownie

Kodak Startech

Kodak Vollenda 48(Thanks to Eben Ostby for alerting me to the existence of this one; see also this article on Mike Eckman Dot Com) 

Kodak World's Fair Flash

Konishiroku Baby Pearl

Kōsoku Freude

Kowa Komaflex S

Kuribayashi Molby

Lausar and Baika

Leidolf Leidox, Leidox 1a, and Leidox II

Light 3x4

Mentor Dreivier

Mercury Satellite

Metropolitan Industries Capitol

Metropolitan Industries Clix-O-Flex

Metropolitan Industries Clix De Luxe 

Mickey Mouse camera 

Minolta Miniflex

Miyoshi Kōgaku Alma Four

Monarck Flashmaster No. 110, Flashmaster No. 117, Flash-Master, Flexmaster Reflex No. 211, Flexmaster Reflex No. 248, Kandõ,Lincoln Candid Type, Vogue Candid Type, Churchill Candid Type, Traveler Candid Type

Monarck Royal Reflex 

Mori Zessan


Nagel or Kodak Pupille

Nagel or Kodak Vollenda 48 

Navax (127)

Ōfuna Kōgaku-Kikai Seisakusho Herlight

Olympic A, B, Junior, C, Four I, and Four II

Olympus Eye 44 or Olympus Eye Flex

Orion (also Orion Camera Model Simplicité and Linda Featherweight)- thanks to Jim Rohan for alerting me to the existence of this one.  

Paxina Electromatic

Penny King

Photo Master  

Pickwik(more info here)


Pilot Reflex

Plaubel Makinette
Porst Hapomatic 

Proud Baby Rosen, Rosen Four, and Adler Four

Purma Speed, Purma Special and Purma Plus

Retina, Retina Reflex, and Retinette 

Revere Eye-Matic EE 127

Ricoh Super 44

Ricohmatic 44 

Rodenstock Ysella

Rolleiflex 4x4 Models 1, 2, 3, and 4; also Automatic Rolleiflex 4x4, Baby Rolleiflex (1931 and 1957 models), and Sports Rolleiflex


Rothlar (also Rothlar II and Rothlar S) 

Roy 127

Royal Senior


Sakura (bakelite)

Sakura (box)

Sawyer's Nomad 127

Scott-Atwater Photopal All Metal Camera - thanks to Eben Ostby for alerting me to the existence of this one, which isn't even on Camerapedia (note two links in the camera name).

Seica and Andes Four

Seymour Brenda Starr Cub Reporter

Seymour Dick Tracy

Seymour Flash-Master
ShinkōSeiki Rorox and Shinko Baby


Spartus Co-Flash

Spartus Folding Camera (bakelite 127)

Spartus Rocket (plastic)

Spartus Vanguard 

Super Boy (Bakelite), aka Fex Graf Dole du Jura and Fex Indo Champion - thanks to Roderick Usher aka Alessandro Lisci for alerting me to the existence of this one. There are earlier cardboard and Bakelite (with folding viewfinder) versions.

Tammy 127 and Super 127 

Teraoka Terra Junior


Tōkyō Kōgaku Primo Jr.   (a.k.a. Sawyer's Mark IV)

Top (4x4)

Toyugodo Toyoca 44 (a.k.a. Haco-44, Kino-44, Lagon-44, Tower 44)

Tower Camflash 127 

Vero Four

Vest Pocket Kodak (also Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak, Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak Special,Vest Pocket Kodak Model B, Vest Pocket Kodak Series III, Vest Pocket Kodak Special)

Voigtlander Perkeo

VP Twin 

Walz 3x4 

Walz Automat 44 and Automat M44

Welmy 44

Welta Gucki 4 x 3

Welta Gucki 4 x 6.5

Whitehouse Beacon Autoflash

Wirgin Gewirette or Reporter 

Yamasaki Seiki Bonny Four 

Yashica 44 (also Yashica 44A, Yashica 44LM

Yogi Bear camera(perhaps a Babette?)

Zeca (Zeh) Goldi(see also this description)

Zeiss Baby Box Tengor

Zeiss Ikon Baby Ikonta (Zeiss Ikon 520/18)

Zeiss Ikon Kolibri

Zenith Comet Flash 

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