Saturday, March 28, 2020

New 127 Film Shooters Facebook group

Cheyenne Morrison has created a 127 Film Shooters Facebook group.

If you're on Facebook, I encourage you to check it out!

Members are welcome to discuss and offer for sale 127 cameras as well as buy and sell 127 film.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

127 Day Online Exhibition - January 27, 2020

Welcome to the 127 Day online exhibition for January 27, 2020! Our largest exhibition yet includes work by 23 artists across four continents, all using 127-format analogue media on January 27, 2020.

If you photograph on film or other analogue media in 127 film format, you're invited to join us for the next 127 Day on the 12th of July, 2020.
©Jim Rohan, Winter Sun #1; Saugus, MA. USA; Churchie’s Official Spy Camera, Rerapan 400

 ©Mika Morizaki, Rainy day; Kanagawa, Japan; Sawyer's Mark Ⅳ, Rerapan 100S

 © Takgyver, untitled; Powell River, Canada; Primo Jr, 6cm f2.8 Topcor, Wratten-G filter, Neopan 100 Acros (expired)

 ©Michael C. Durling, Old Oak; Toano, Virginia, USA; Kodak Brownie #0, Tmax100 (expired 2002)

©K. Inagaki, Sense of Distance; Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan; Baby Rolleiflex, Rerapan 400

 ©Kirt E. Carter, Winter Shadows; Ontonagon County, Michigan, USA; Kodak Brownie Holiday, T-Max 100

 ©Mike Hessey, Early shadows on Priory Hall; Dudley, UK; Rolleiflex Grey Baby, HP400

©Eben Ostby; Spring House; Point Reyes Station, California, USA; Yashica 44, Ilford HP5+ 

 ©Neil Piper, Dunwich Friary; Kodak Brownie 127, Kodak Verichrome Pan (expired 09/77)

©Terry Byrne, Chapel; Princeton New Jersey, USA; Rollei Baby, Portra 160NC (expired 2008)

 ©Dale Willetts, Canal bridge; Walsall, UK; Kodak Brownie 44A, Lomography colour 400

 ©︎Yoshinobu Imaoka, Solitude; Okayama, Japan; Hermagaix L'Hermo Pochette 3x4 with Hermagis Paris Anastigmat Major 50mm f4.5,  Fomapan 100 

 ©Jon Marmor, Reaching on a foggy day; Kodak Baby Brownie Special, Rera Pan 400 

©Dave Hughes, Water under the bridge; Markeaton, UK; Zeiss Kolibri, Verichrome Pan (expired 9/76) 

©Murilee Martin, Engine On Junkyard Dirt; Denver, USA; Vest Pocket Kodak
Model B with Kodak #8 Portrait Attachment, Ilford HP5+  

©Lee Mountford, Dodgy development in Melbourne; Melbourne, Australia; Kodak Brownie Fiesta, ReraPan 400

 ©Bear Brown, Hot Dog Stand, Savannah, Georgia, USA; Baby Rollei 4x4, Lomography 400

©Christer Brandt, untitled; Stockholm, Sweden; Kodak Bullet, Murano Blufire

 ©Kamolthep Ekmanochai, Phra Sri Sakyamuni; Bangkok, Thailand; Yashica 44, 35mm Kodak Tmax400

 ©Nicholas Middleton, Estate Fencing; London, UK; Zeiss Ikon Baby Ikonta,
Ilford FP4+

 ©Salvador Busquets, Almost centered; Sabadell, Catalonia; Vest Pocket Kodak, 35mm Fomapan 100

©slim blanks, untitled; Chinatown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Kodak Bullet, ReraPan 400

©JM Golding, untitled; northern California, USA; Kodak Brownie Fiesta, Kodak Verichrome Pan (expired 2/65)

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

January 127 Day - deadline is tomorrow

Just a quick reminder that the deadline to submit 127-format photos you made on January  27, 2020 for the 127 Day Exhibition is tomorrow, Thursday, February 27.

If you've already submitted, thank you!

If you haven't, and you have 127-format photos from that day, I hope you'll consider sending one.

I'm looking forward to seeing your 127 Day photos!

Thursday, February 20, 2020

January 127 Day online exhibition - deadline in one week

Just a quick reminder that the deadline to submit 127-format photos you made on January  27, 2020 to the 127 Day Exhibition is next Thursday, February 27.

If you've already submitted, thank you!

If you haven't, and you have 127-format photos from that day, I hope you'll consider sending one.

I'm looking forward to seeing your 127 Day photos!

Sunday, February 9, 2020

The V.P.Pin 127 pinhole magic by Dale Willetts

I love photography in all its forms, formats, sizes, and guises. I love cameras in all their types from lo-fi to sci-fi. I love collecting and I love making. 

This means that I have way too many cameras, whether I've bought them myself or been gifted them or made them. Often if I find something I like, especially if it's something a little strange, I'll go out of my way to get at least a second (or third or fourth) in case it breaks. Of course, if the worst happens and a camera does break, that doesn't mean it's going in the bin. It will usually get kept for spare parts, or more often turned into my favourite photographic thing to make, a pinhole camera. 

Pinhole is probably my favourite "alternative" process. This is where the camera used to make the accompanying images came from. The V.P. Twin (short for Vest Pocket Twin frame counter) is a bakelite 127 half frame format camera made from 1935 to the late 1950's by the English company E. Elliott Limited. I have two: the first came in a job lot purchase and had a shutter mechanism that was a solid block of rust, and the second cost £2 from a junk shop and had a working shutter but a cracked lens. Two bodies, one lens, and one shutter to me equal a fully working camera and a perfect excuse to make another pinhole camera. The resulting camera has an effective aperture of f100 and gives 16 4x5 cm frames on a roll of 127 film.

  - Dale Willetts, @delusions_of_competence

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Tomorrow is 127 Day!

Tomorrow, Monday, January 27, 2020, is 127 Day

127 Film Photography will feature 127-format photographs made on January 27, 2020, in a special online exhibition. You're invited to participate!

No fees, no competition, just a friendly virtual community joining together to make 127-format photos on January 27, 2020.

To show your work,

  1. Take 127-format photographs on  January 27, 2020.
  2. Send one of your 127-format photographs from January 27 to 127 Film Photography. Please email one jpg file, 500 pixels wide, to 127filmformat ~at~, by February 27, 2020. (Hopefully a month will be enough time for everyone to get their film developed and scanned).
  3. In the subject line of your email, type "January 2020 127 Day."
  4. In the body of the email, please include the copyright symbol, your name, the title of the photograph, location, camera and film types, and your website address (or other link to your work). In that order. Please follow this example EXACTLY (you don't have to use initials if you prefer to be known by your full name!):  
©J. M. Golding, untitled; northern California, USA; Kodak Brownie Fiesta, Macophot UP100 (expired 7/00),

All types of 127 film format* are welcome, whether the film began its existence as 127, or you used 35 mm film in a 127 camera, or you respooled 46mm film, or you cut down 120 film to 127 size ... or maybe you have a technique that I don't know about yet - if so, please tell me so I can share it with others who love this format (with full credit to you, of course - or perhaps you'd like to write a short article for 127 Film Photography about it!). Photos made on 127 film in a different size camera are welcome too.

127 Film Photography will publish all photos received (as long as they are in 127 format and do not contain images of nudity, violence, or exploitation).

I look forward to seeing your 127 Day photos! 
Good light and happy photographing!

*Sorry, digital photos in an aspect ratio similar to 127 film (or any other digital photos) do NOT qualify.