Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Welcome to 127 Film!

Hello, and welcome to 127 Film!

This is a worldwide community where people making analogue photographs in 127 format can learn from and inspire one another.

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day has its own website. Holga Week has one too. I couldn't find one for 127 Day ... so I decided to make one.

127 Day comes three times a year.
  • January 27 (1/27, in American-style notation)
  • July 12 (12/7, in European-style notation)
  • December 7 (12/7, in American-style notation)
It's a day to remind ourselves to take out those quirky old cameras that use 127 film - and make pictures with them!

I also plan to publish:
  • reader questions - all readers are invited to respond to questions in the comments section
  • photographs and/or series of photographs made on 127 film
  • articles related to 127 film photography.
Images of nudity, violence, or exploitation will not be published on this site.

I welcome your comments, suggestions, and 127 film photographs, and I look forward to enjoying this format together. You can reach me at 127filmformat ~at~

Happy 127 photographing!

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