Monday, January 8, 2018

127 Day Online Exhibition - December 7, 2017

Welcome to 127 Film Photography's 127 Day online exhibition! The images below were created by artists across three continents, all photographing in 127 format on December 7, 2017.

Join us for the next 127 Day, coming up soon on January 27, 2018! If you'd like to be reminded of 127 Day and the submission deadline, please use the "Follow 127 Film Photography by email" link to the right. You'll receive not only reminders, but also posts about all things 127. Or email your request to me at 127filmformat ~ at ~, and I'll gladly add you to the 127 Day email list.

©2017 Mike Maguire; 14th Street; Washington, DC, USA; Detrola KW camera; ReraPan 100

©2017 Terry Byrne; Night; New Jersey, USA; Primo Jr., Ilford HP5+

©2017  K. Inagaki, A morning after heavy snow in Hokkaido, Japan; Baby Rolleiflex; Rerapan 100

©2017 James Tappin, It was that sort of day; Rutherford Appleton Lab, Oxfordshire, England; Yashica 44, Pan 400 (= HP5+ cut down professionally)

©2017 Slim Blanks, untitled; Chicago, IL, USA; Exakta VP type B; Gevaert Superchrome, expired 1949

©2017 J. M. Golding, This is how you return; northern California, USA; Kodak Brownie Fiesta; Kodak Verichrome Pan, expired 1975