Saturday, July 21, 2018

A “How To” on Using Cut-Down 120 Film in a 127 Camera That Has a Red Window and Makes 4x3cm or 4x6cm Images - by Luke Taylor

This article shows a way to use 120 film that has been cut down using the technique that directly transfers the full length of 120 (film and backing paper) straight to a 127 spool for use in 4x3cm and 4x6cm 127 film cameras that use one (4x6cm) or two (4x3cm) red windows for frame alignment. While the 4cm frame spacing of a 4x4cm camera can use the same frame numbers printed on the 120 backing paper (16 frames), there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to use cut film in the 4x3 or 4x6 cameras. Here is a method that may be worthwhile. 

With this technique we will only align the first frame using the red window. After that we will blindly rotate the advance knob a predetermined number of degrees for each frame. The number of degrees rotated will be different for each frame. This is because as more film accumulates on the takeup spool, the bigger diameter it will get, and less rotation required to get the same amount of linear film movement. 
To aid in rotating the advance knob with a fair amount of precision and no tools we will need to do the following. 
1. Put a sticker on the advance knob. 
2. Draw a line that cuts it in half and repeat until 8 equal segments have been formed. 

3. When spooling the film, mark the paper where the film element starts.
4. Load the camera with the cut and respooled film and advance until you see the mark made earlier in the red window. Then, using good judgment, advance an amount more that will position the film element for the first shot. This is the last time you will use the red window. 
5. Use the chart below to advance the film for each frame.  You will rotate the advance knob by the “Fullturn” amount followed by the “Segment “ amount. 
Table for 4x6cm frames:
Frame     FullTurns     Segments 
1-2               2                 4.5
2-3               2                 2.5
3-4               2                 0.5
4-5               1                 7.5
5-6               1                 6.5
6-7               1                 5.5
7-8               1                 5.0
8-9               1                 4.0
9-10              1                 4.0
10-11             1                 3.0    
For example, to advance from frame 2 to frame 3, rotate the knob 2 full turns plus 2.5 segments.

I currently have not tried this in a 4x3cm camera yet, but I assume you could simply divide the “Fullturn” and “Segment” numbers in half. If you try it out, please share the results!
- Luke Taylor

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