Saturday, January 12, 2019

127 Day Online Exhibition - December 7, 2018

Welcome to 127 Film Photography's 127 Day online exhibition! The images below were created in 127 format on the December 7, 2018.

If you photograph in 127 film format, you're invited to join us for the next 127 Day on January 27, 2019.

©Amy Nicolazzo, Orthrus; Akron, OH, USA, Sawyer Nomad 127, Kodak Verichrome Pan (expired February 1965)

©S. Blanks, untitled; Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; Yashica 44, Bluefire Murano

©Nigel Middleton,  Autumn pruning; Northamptonshire, United Kingdom, Purma Plus, Fomapan 200

@Nicholas Middleton, Rainy Morning; London, United Kingdom, Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 520/18 ('Baby Ikonta'), Ilford HP5+

©T. Byrne, Door; Tulane Street, Princeton, NJ, USA (right in front of the Record Exchange, the coolest store in town), Topcon Primo Jr., Expired Verichrome Pan (expiration date unknown)

©Mike Maguire, U Street; Washington, DC, USA, 1940 Detrola KW, Kodak Verichrome Pan (expired 1962)

©Takgyver, The Mill; BC, Canada, No. 0 Brownie (Model A), EFKE R100 (expired December 2013)

 Dave Hughes, Darley Abbey Mills; Derby, United Kingdom, Agfa Billy O, Verichrome Pan (expired 1976)

 ©Kenneth Hooper, untitled, Mission Viejo, CA, USA; Kodak A.G. Vollenda, ReraPan 100

©Salvador Busquets, Up in Núria; Núria sanctuary, Catalonia; Vest Pocket Kodak, Rerapan 100

©J. M. Golding, Take the first step, and the next; northern California, USA; Yashica 44A, (Agfa) Panchromatic Black and White, Belgium (expiration date unknown)

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